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Help and FAQs

This help and FAQ section applies only to the use of TEZ Permit2Park account management platform for your monthly parking. Included below are a set of resources and quick responses to assist you in managing your parking account online.

FOR TRANSITION ONLY: Please use this User Guide for initially registering your existing parking account.

To park with us, you must receive and complete your registration. This email will come from [email protected] and look like this Sample Welcome Email. Once received, you need to click the link and complete the short form. Once complete, you will be logged into your parking account for the first time. Keep your credentials safe so you can visit your parking account regularly.

Once you have received your initial welcome email, you will click the embedded link to finalize your registration. The “mobile phone” field may initially be pre-populated with a landline. This MUST be a mobile phone number for verification purposes. Before clicking ‘OK’, you can type over the number provided. If you experience any issues, please use this Mobile Phone Verification Assistance documentation.

Pay your bill online by credit card or eCheck, you will first need to login to your parking account at Once logged in, click the “Payments” tab on the menu. Here you will see open invoices that you can pay. Select “PAY NOW” to submit a payment for that invoice.  For detailed instructions view our How to Guide.

In TEZ Permit2Park, group accounts have more control over their parking privileges, invoicing, and payments. Using this Group Account User Guide, learn more about how to successfully manage your parking account.