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IMF Parking Request

Active Fund employees must enter their IMF-issued e-mail address.
Please add more details in the Remarks field below.
  • - This is a REQUEST for a parking arrangement and not a guarantee of a parking assignment. Assignments for monthly arrangements are subject to availability
  • - I am not a registered parker until I have completed REGISTRATION by creating my account and adding vehicle and payment information.
  • - The Parking Office will notify me by e-mail of my parking assignment. For new parkers, the message will include instructions for finalizing my REGISTRATION, including how to maintain vehicle and payment details in a self-managed parker account.
  • - Parking prior to my registration and/or driving unregistered vehicles into the HQ garages is not permitted and parking sessions initiated with them are subject to higher fees.
  • - Assignments for monthly arrangements and requests for changes to garage/level assignment are subject to availability.
  • - If I have selected a monthly arrangement, I may not be simultaneously enrolled in the Metro SmartBenefits program and I take the responsibility to unenroll from that program (if applicable) if and when the monthly parking arrangement begins.
  • - Upper levels of the garages will be designated for Monthly-Unlimited Parkers because they make more frequent use of the garage facilities.
  • - Changes can only take effect on the 1st of the calendar month and cannot be made retroactively. Change requests submitted after the 25th of the month will not take effect on the 1st of the upcoming month.
  • - Employees are required to be on a parking plan for three consecutive calendar months before requesting a change in plan.​