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IMF Parking Request

Active Fund employees must enter their IMF-issued e-mail address.
  • - This is a REQUEST for a parking arrangement and not a guarantee of a parking assignment. Assignments for monthly arrangements are subject to availability
  • - Upper levels of the garages will be designated for Monthly-Unlimited Parkers because they make more frequent use of the garage facilities.
  • - The Parking Office will notify me by e-mail of my parking assignment once it becomes available and the message will include instructions for finalizing my REGISTRATION, including how to maintain vehicle and payment details in a self-managed parker account.
  • - I am expected to comply with the Fund’s Parking Policy and the associated administrative procedures and the latest version is available on the Fund’s Intranet or by request to [email protected]
  • - Driving unregistered into the HQ garages is not permitted after April 30, 2022 and parking sessions initiated with them are subject to higher fees.
  • - My obligations as a parker include, but are not limited to, ensuring that all fees for parking services rendered to and received by me (or by other drivers of vehicles that I register on my parker account) will be paid in a timely manner as established in the procedures.