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One Parking offers consulting services in the U.S. and internationally to owners, municipalities, airports and developers who need parking advice to optimize their current and/or the development parking facilities. One Parking has worked on prestigious projects providing consulting, which included detailed demand analysis, improvements to functionality, technology solutions, graphics, financial projections and a final operating plan.

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Consulting is about value. We’ve helped many clients take their facility’s parking and mobility assets to the next level. Reach out for a complimentary project estimate.

Financial Forecasting

One Parking provides revenue and expense projections based on the type of operation, projected demand utilizing the Urban Land Institute (ULI) guidelines and applying factors specific to the geographical market. Expenses are based on the type of operation, labor rates and empirical data. We work closely with our client to also utilize their knowledge and any idiosyncrasies to the project and incorporate those factors into our model.

Supply & Demand Analysis

One Parking provides a shared use model based on ULI’s Shared Parking. The model inputs project and specific local factors that can assist developers in determining whether there may be opportunities for reduced parking requirements and to ensure that sufficient parking spaces are available based on the mixed use of the facility.

Functional Design

One Parking can assist with plan reviews of your parking facilities. Some of the items that can be reviewed for efficiency and operational best practices include:

  • Parking location & size
  • Access
  • One vs. two-way
  • Ramping
  • Pedestrian access
  • Technology

Equipment (PARCS) Specs & Design

Knowing which equipment makes the most sense both operationally and financially is a critical decision for any facility. One Parking can assist with the various types of equipment that may need to be considered. These include:

  • Equipment (PARCS) Evaluation
  • Space Availability Systems
  • Valet Systems
  • Robotic/Automated Systems

Traffic Direction & Wayfinding

Directional and wayfinding packages need to be based on functionality and user group specific to your operation. One Parking can assist with reviewing and developing complete sign packages for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic that are internal and external to the facility.


One Parking can assist with restriping plans, new signs, lighting, technology or traffic flow improvements.

Operations & Startup

One Parking can provide operational consultation for new facilities or new operations. This includes providing Operation Guidelines, Operations Review, Parking Allocations and Capital Expenditure Estimates.